Synthetic Grass Built For Dogs

The Only Artificial Dog Grass made by a Pet Product Company

Pup-Grass Instant Drainage Artificial Dogs Grass

Nobody knows artificial dog grass like PupGear. We invented Pup-Grass® while other companies were focused on selling synthetic grass for putting greens

Pup-Grass® developed a proprietary artificial turf in 2004 for use in our portable indoor dog potty systems. We needed a solution to our dog potty lawns with instant drainage and also inhibit bacteria that caused odors. This type of fake grass did not exist at that time. After extensive research and development we created Pup-Grass® an artificial dog lawn that withstands the rigors of dozens of dogs running and playing.

Pup-Grass® is a certified lead free product that features our proprietary backing designed to drain instantly. Both our yarn and our backing are made with antimicrobials to inhibit odors caused by bacterial growth.

All of us, who live with dogs, know that real grass doesn't hold up to pet urine and wear. Artificial lawns are a perfect solution for an attractive, clean, healthy and comfortable environment for you and your pooch.

Our product doesn't require chemicals, watering, mowing or reseeding to maintain its realistic appearance for years. Your four-legged friend will love our dog turf while your lawn maintains a natural manicured appearance.

Pup-Grass® is a non-infill synthetic product that looks as real as seeded lawns and our design balances ease of cleaning with a realistic look and feel.

The Coolest Artificial Turf Available

Most synthetic lawn companies don't tell potential customers, that manufactured turf absorbs heat and will become extremely hot in direct sunlight. Pup-Grass® brand artificial dog grass is 30% cooler than other types of synthetic lawns, because our unique backing does not trap heat, it allows it to dissipate. Pup-Grass® is perfect for landscaping backyards, dog kennels, and doggy day care, boarding kennels, pet friendly parks and veterinarian clinics.

DIY fake dog turf can be installed over soil or on concrete using Pup-Drain™. While we are not a landscaping company, we provide detailed installation instructions and excellent support for our customers every step of the way during the installation process. Regardless of the size of your project we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Care and maintenance of our synthetic lawn is easy. Our all natural cleaners and deodorizers make maintenance a breeze.

Pup-Fresh™ is a natural mineral that is brushed into the fibers of the synthetic grass and neutralizes urine odors. Pup-Zymes™ Odor Control Enzymes contains 70 billion parts per unit of live enzymes. It is simply the best stain and odor product on the market..

Nothing beats Pup-Grass® artificial dog grass!

There are many copy-cat and imitations of our dog friendly grass and it is the only artificial turf on the market manufactured by a Pet Product Company and the reason Pup-Grass® is the best selling dog lawn available.
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